2020 FANEL Conference

Over time, conferences based on topics in the field of international relations have been numerically dominated by male presence. In the media, especially on television, citizens in this part of the world are already familiar with exclusively male panels. They seem to be ”normal”, in the common perception.

The absence of women from the conference / broadcast panels, as well as their chronic underrepresentation, gives a false impression about the contribution of women in various fields, including international relations and security studies. At the same time, it dramatically diminishes the opportunities of women to express their views on important decisions for us all.

The organization of this conference came as a necessary step to remedy the reduced presence of women experts in the public space, because it was an all-female panels conference.


Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Roundtable discussion

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The organizers of the conference “Romania, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in the New World (Dis)Order” intend to engage in the following:
  • Develop a regional network of women specialized in the area of international relations, foreign policy, security studies, global political economy, European studies, political sciences, etc.
  • Connect to existing initiatives in the area, in Europe, and in the world.
  • Organize a second edition of the Fanel Conference next year in Bucharest (2021), at the SNSPA.

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