Ludmila Nofit

Republic of Moldova

Ludmila Nofit is Deputy Director of the Foreign Policy Association, for which is working since 2018, being engaged in different projects and programs in the area of good governance, security and foreign policy, European integration etc. Also, she is the author of several analytical materials on Moldova’s security and foreign policy, cooperation with the EU, the role of media institutions, etc. Ludmila Nofit held the position of interim executive director from July 2019 to March 2020. Previously, she worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova. She has actively participated in various thematic programs and trainings offered by ODIHR / OSCE, Vienna Diplomatic Academy, UN Women, Cligendael Institute, NATO, RoAID, UNDP etc. She holds a master’s degree in international relations and political science from the Academy of Public Administration of Moldova.

As well, Ludmila Nofit is the author of several policy papers and articles:

  • “Moldova at Crossroads”, Eastern Partnership monthly analytical digest Think Bridge, December 2020,
  • “The impact of regional and international evolutions on the Moldova’s Europeanization path”, Analize – Journal of Gender and Feminist Studies, Special Edition, 2020,
  • “Is Moldova still “Learning” How to Be Independent and Democratic?”, Eastern Partnership monthly analytical digest – Think Bridge, August 2020,
  • “The Moldovan political chess game started”, Eastern Partnership monthly analytical digest Think Bridge, May 2020,
  • “Moldova: The importance of EU’s clear position”, co-authoring Natalia Stercul, Eastern Partnership monthly analytical digest – Think Bridge, October 2019,
  • “Vulnerabilities of the Republic of Moldova from the hybrid threats perspective”, IPAH – Institute for the Prevention of Hybrid Threats, August 2019,
  • “Overview of Moldova-EU cooperation relations after the signing of the Association Agreement”, European center “Pro-Europa”, February 2019,
  • “How the Association Agreement changed EU-Moldova relation. Where is Moldova in the AA/DCFTA implementation process and why”, Foreign Policy Association of Moldova, January 2019,
  • “The more things change, the more they stay the same: challenges facing Moldovan media in 2019 and patterns from the 2016 elections”, January 2019, Media Forward, Freedom House,
  • “27 years of independence or Quo Vadis Moldova”, Eastern Partnership monthly analytical digest – Think Bridge, August 2018,

”Whoever is afraid of feminism, is afraid to admit and accept that, fundamentally, women are strong beings. In various societies, over centuries, political leaders have made use of many skills and tricks to keep women power under control. On the other hand, power comes with responsibility – always. Admitting that you are strong means taking responsibility for this power. Sometimes that overwhelms.”

Liliana Popescu
Vice-Rector SNSPA
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