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Brussels Binder Beyond Toolbox

Supported by the European Commission, Brussels Binder Beyond (BBBeyond) was a project that ran between April 2019 and June 2021.

It built upon The Brussels Binder initiative, with the idea to bring the efforts of The Brussels Binder “Beyond” Brussels, across Europe.

The Brussels Binder along with its partners Bruegel and The German Marshall Fund of the United States, offers a practical solution to make events and media more inclusive, and encourages women to step up.


The Albanian Institute for International Studies – Albania

„AIIS mission is to conduct high-quality academic research on contemporary security issues and their political impact, with a focus on areas of central relevance to Albanian foreign and domestic policy. Reflecting upon the changing nature of security threats in the post-Cold War world, the AIIS has shifted its focus towards Albanian internal security issues, NATO membership, and integration in the European Union. The institute undertakes short-term applied research and advisory services. AIIS mission is to study key Balkan issues and to prepare prognoses on political, economic, security, ethnic, cultural, and religious developments. AIIS mission is to promote peace through conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, public information and policymaking activities AIIS mission is to contribute to greater awareness and insight concerning international issues, through academic publications, reports related to our engagement activities and via the general media.”


Center for Security Studies BiH (CSS) – Bosnia and Herzegovina

„The Centre for Security Studies (CSS), established in 2001, and located in Sarajevo, is an independent research, educational and training enterprise dedicated to encouraging informed debate on security matters and to promoting and sustaining democratic structures and processes in foreign and security policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the region of South-East Europe. The Centre for Security Studies comprises of a core local staff with diverse background and experience in security and related studies.”


Centre for Liberal Strategies – Bulgaria

„The Centre for Liberal Strategies was created in 1994 as an independent NGO. The research activities of CLS pursue academic depth while at the same time reacting to the current problems of the political, economic and social life in Bulgaria and taking into account the context of today’s global world. The analytical work of CLS covers national, regional and global issues. CLS is actively involved in the structuring and implementation of the public debate in Bulgaria on key issues.”


The Georgian Institute of Politics – Georgia

„The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) is a Tbilisi-based non-profit, non-partisan, research and analysis organization founded in early 2011. GIP strives to strengthen the organizational backbone of democratic institutions and promote good governance and development through policy research and advocacy in Georgia. It also encourages public participation in civil society-building and developing democratic processes. The organization aims to become a major center for scholarship and policy innovation for the country of Georgia and the wider Black sea region. To that end, GIP is working to distinguish itself through relevant, incisive research; extensive public outreach; and a brazen spirit of innovation in policy discourse and political conversation. Since December 2013 GIP is member of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions and since 2018 is member of EULISTCO consortium funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.”


The Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies (GISS) – Georgia

„The Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies (GISS) is a non-profit, non-partisan think-tank established in November 2012. The founders of GISS are the former Vice Prime-Minister of Georgia, former State Minister for Reintegration Eka Tkeshelashvili, former State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Tornike Gordadze, former Deputy State Minister for Reintegration Irakli Porchkhidze and Ilia State University Professor of political sciences David Aprasidze. The GISS’s mission is to serve as a resource for understanding political, security and foreign policy choices before Georgia and the wider region.”


Center for European Neighborhood Studies – Hungary

„The Center for European Neighborhood Studies (CENS) is an independent research center of the Central European University (CEU) located in Budapest, Hungary. Its main goal is to contribute to an informed international dialogue about the future of the European Union in the world, while capitalizing on its Central European perspective and regional embeddedness. The strategic focus of the center is academic and policy-oriented research on the place and role of the European Union in its rapidly changing and increasingly volatile neighborhood.”


Centre for Democracy and Human Rights – Montenegro

„The Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) works to advance and spread conscience on the importance of proper and successful democratic transition and contribute to strengthening civil society and human rights protection. The organization works on five main program areas: European integration, Rule of law, Human rights, Security and defense, Social inclusion.”


Foreign Policy Association of Moldova – Republic of Moldova

“Is Moldova’s leading foreign policy think-tank, committed to supporting Moldova’s Europeanization, integration into the European Union and a viable settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. It was established in fall 2003 by a group of well-known experts, public personalities and former senior officials and diplomats reunited by their commitment to contribute their expertise and experience to a comprehensive analysis of Moldova’s foreign policy options and formulation of an efficient foreign policy.”

Expert-Grup – Republic of Moldova

“Is a think-tank specialized in economic and public policy research. We are positioning ourselves as a politically and ideologically neutral think-tank, and we do not represent any economic, corporate and political interests.

Our mission is to empower citizens, firms, media and policy makers to become active agents of inclusive and sustainable development in their country, through independent analyses and consulting, evidence-based policies and community mobilization. To accomplish our mission, Expert-Grup pursues 3 strategic priorities:

  1. We provide independent research, consultancy and analytical insights about major economic and social issues that would help the society to become more resilient and inclusive.
  2. We empower communities, media and firms to hold the central and local governments accountable and deliver proper public and private services and goods for the population.
  3. We aim to become a resource of expertise for local CSOs.”

Institutul pentru Dezvoltare și Inițiative Sociale “Viitorul” (IDIS) – Republic of Moldova

“Is an independent think tank, established in 1993 as a research and advocacy think tank, incorporated by Moldovan laws on non-for-profit and NGOs. As an independent think tank, IDIS is combining social, political and economic research with solid advocacy components. It undertakes applied field research and monitor targeted issues in several fields: economics, subsidiarity, social policy, EU policies, regional development, but also security risks and foreign policy, but it also plans and implement regular policy debates and conferences, conduct considerable outreach activities, and regularly uphold an active presence in mass media”

Global Focus – Romania

„Is an independent international studies think tank which produces in-depth research and high quality analysis on foreign policy, security, European affairs, good governance and development. Our purpose is to advance expertise by functioning as a platform for cooperation and dialogue among individual experts, NGOs, think-tanks and public institutions from Romania and foreign partners.”

Expert Forum – Romania

Is a think tank in Bucharest set up by well-known experts in public policy and administration reform. The areas it covers include: administration reform and integrity; decentralization and public finances; justice reform and anti-corruption; social policies and pensions; energy and transportation; health; electoral processes and active citizenship.

New Strategy Center – Romania

New Strategy Center is a Romanian think tank specialized in foreign policy, defense and security, a non-partisan, non-governmental organization.

New Strategy Center focuses its activity on three main directions: providing specialized analysis for decision makers; conducting regular debates, both in Chatham House regime and public, on topics of interest to the national security of Romania; expanding external activity through partnerships with similar institutions or organizations in Europe and the US, with a view to developing policy documents and organizing international conferences. The wider Black Sea region and the Balkans are areas of priority interest for the New Strategy Center.


ROEC- Romania

ROEC is a hotspot for elite expertise in Energy, International Affairs, Foreign Policy, Security, Economics & Area Studies.

Established in 2010 by Eugenia Gusilov as Romania’s first English language energy studies think tank, ROEC is an independent organization specializing in international affairs, area studies, complex analytics, energy market fundamentals, energy economics, energy policy, political risk assessment, regulatory framework and analysis of business opportunities. Our mission is to engage top experts on various topics, to tackle analysis worthy topics that escape the radar of the public eye and to deliver sharp and powerful analytical products.

European Policy Centre – Serbia

„The European Policy Centre (EPC) is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to fostering European integration through analysis and debate, supporting and challenging decision-makers at all levels to make informed decisions based on evidence and analysis, and providing a platform for engaging partners, stakeholders and citizens in EU policy-making and in the debate about the future of Europe.”

Belgrade Centre for Security Policy – Serbia

„Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) is an independent think-tank founded in 1997 and dedicated to advancing security of the citizens and society on the basis of democratic principles and respect for human rights. In the focus of the BCSP’s interest are all policies aimed at the improvement of human, national, regional, European, and global security.”

Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence – Serbia

“Since its inception in 2003, BFPE has contributed to democratic transformation and European integration of the region of Southeast Europe: continuously conceiving and organising the political education of interested and engaged citizens and decision-makers at different levels, promoting and connecting prominent individuals and engaged groups of citizens who advocate modernisation, democratization and European integration of Serbia, by advocating for the rule of law, human and minority rights, seeking solutions to existing and future challenges to sustainable development”.

INSTITUTE for National and International Security I N I S – Serbia

“Is one of the leading academic institutes for Intelligence, National and International Security, Defense and Counter-Terrorism with its members all around the World. INIS is an Scientific Academic Society (recognize by government of Serbia) providing expertise in terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, threat vulnerability, risk assessment, intelligence analysis, national security and defense policy and issues related to National and International affairs”

Razumkov Centre – Ukraine

„The Razumkov Centre is a non-governmental think tank founded in 1994. It conducts research of public policy in the following spheres: domestic policy; state administration; economic policy; energy; land relations; foreign policy; social policy; international and regional security; national security and defence.”

The Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” – Ukraine

„Is a network-based non-governmental analytical center, the goal of which is to participate in providing democratic ground for developing and implementation of foreign and security policies by government authorities of Ukraine, implementation of international and nationwide projects and programs, directed at improvement of foreign policy analysis and expertise, enhancement of expert community participation in a decision-making process in the spheres of foreign policy, international relations, public diplomacy.

Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation – Ukraine

„We aim at building Ukrainian state, democracy, and market economy and enhancing full integration of Ukraine into European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Nowadays, DIF belongs to leading Ukrainian think tanks and focuses its activities on developing reasonable recommendations in the sphere of democratic transformations and Ukraine’s European integration for decision makers and civil society representatives.”

Ukraine Analytica (UA) – Ukraine

“Is the first Ukrainian academic and analytical journal in English language on International Relations, Politics and Economics. The journal is aimed for experts, diplomats, academics, students interested in the international relations and foreign policy. And our journal is published by the NGO “Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation” (Ukraine), Centre of International Studies (Ukraine), with the financial support of the Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and Black Sea Trust of the German Marshall Fund of the US.”

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