Ioana Avădani


Ioana Avadani is the President of the Center for Independent Journalism (CJI). She has over 15 years of experience in the press, working as a news and television agency journalist. In her position as Director of CJI, Avadani has led programs ranging from professional training of journalists and assistance to media interpreters, to advocacy in the field of media law and to the strengthening of journalists’ associations. Ioana Avadani is a member of the Council of the first minister for consultation with the associative environment and was between 2004-2006, President of the Southeast European Network for media professionalization.

She is a member of Team Europe and of the advisory board of the Rosalynn Carter Journalism Program for Mental Health, run by the Carter Center (Atlanta, Georgia). She has published a series of articles and studies dedicated to the media situation in Romania and has held presentations at many international events organized by the European Commission, the OSCE, the World Bank, the Council of Europe, etc. In 2013, Ioana Avadani received the European Citizen’s Award, being proposed by Mrs. Renate Weber (ALDE), for her efforts to professionalize Romanian media representatives, to promote institutional transparency, and for her activity to promote independence. the media and the protection of journalists’ rights.

”Whoever is afraid of feminism, is afraid to admit and accept that, fundamentally, women are strong beings. In various societies, over centuries, political leaders have made use of many skills and tricks to keep women power under control. On the other hand, power comes with responsibility – always. Admitting that you are strong means taking responsibility for this power. Sometimes that overwhelms.”

Liliana Popescu
Vice-Rector SNSPA
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