Thursday. As any other day, the neighborhood generator goes off from 11 am until sometimes 1 pm, sometimes 2 pm.

Some roads across the country were blocked with trash bins, some with rocks, and some with just cars obstructed by angry motorists. The news comes on the mobile phone, intermittently, as the 3G signal, which has replaced the $G we once had, fades out and fades back in.

Since Monday, my alley has been partially blocked by a long line of cars waiting to fill tanks at the petrol station at the end of the street. Miraculously, it opened on Monday, although it had been closed since the beginning of the summer.

Some gas stations have closed indefinitely. Coral, one of the biggest fuel distributors in the country “apologized” for not being able to supply fuel to the petrol stations.

Source: Nowlebanon

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