Cynthia Enloe

United States

Cynthia Enloe is one of the most important contributors to the field of feminist international relations. She is a feminist writer, theorist, and currently Research Professor within the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE), affiliated with Political Science and with Women’s and Gender Studies, all at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her research interests are to be found at the intersection of international relations, feminism, women studies, global economics, with a special emphasis on women’s status in the context of militarized culture, war, and politics. She has been awarded Honorary Doctorates by prestigious universities such as Union College (2005), the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (2009), Connecticut College (2010), the University of Lund, Sweden (2012) and Clark University (2014). Professor Enloe has been awarded Clark University’s Outstanding Teacher Award three times. Also, she was awarded the Peace and Justice Studies Association’s Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award, the International Studies Association’s Susan Strange Award and many more.

Professor Cynthia Enloe’s feminist teaching and research have explored the interplay of gendered politics in both the national and international arenas, as she has brought significant contributions to the field of feminist international relations. Cynthia has also had a major impact on the field of feminist political geography, in particular feminist geopolitics. Enole`s writings have been translated in many languages; her publications inspired many and brought about relevant progress not only in the academic area, but also in the public and political space.

”Whoever is afraid of feminism, is afraid to admit and accept that, fundamentally, women are strong beings. In various societies, over centuries, political leaders have made use of many skills and tricks to keep women power under control. On the other hand, power comes with responsibility – always. Admitting that you are strong means taking responsibility for this power. Sometimes that overwhelms.”

Liliana Popescu
Vice-Rector SNSPA
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