Liliana Popescu, Professor of International Relations, Vice-Rector of SNSPA and initiator of ESEE-FANEL Network and Conference

“We want to draw attention to the phenomenon of under-representation of women in the area of ​​expertise traditionally associated to men – expertise taken into account in the making of public policies and in public debates on international policy issues, especially in the media. Expert women are generally consulted much less on issues of politics, international relations and national security. We see many panels which are exclusively male-panels (called manels’), or with a minimal feminine representation. The contrast between these ‚manels’, on the one hand, and the multitude and quality of women specialists in these fields, on the other, is strikin. This is why, together with a few ladies who know a lot about the international, European and regional arena, we mobilized and we designed this event. Our conference is made up exclusively of female panels (called ‚fanels’). The audience is mixed, of course. We count on the surprise of having all-female panels in front of our eyes. It is a kind of mirror.”

Through its extremely rich portfolio of undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral programmes, SNSPA has succeeded in building a knowledge area in the field of governance sciences and in developing a responsible active behaviour, with the purpose of contributing to the consolidation of democracy in Romania. The National University of Political Sciences and Public Administration (SNSPA), established in 1991 as a school of governance and training of professionals for essential social areas, is a landmark in the Romanian academic setting.

In its over two decades of existence, SNSPA has trained professionals who due to their level of knowledge contribute to the drawing up and management of public policies in state institutions, to the development of the country’s international affairs, to the organisation and management of business in private companies, to the improvement of communication and to the process of nation or company branding.

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